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  • Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard

    • Comodo Positive Wildcard Certificate

      • Secure multiple subdomains with one certificate

      • Domain validated certificate

      • 2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate

      • Trusted by all popular Browsers

      • 99.9% Browser Compatibility

      • 128/256 bit encryption

      • $10,000 relying party warranty

      • Email and web support

      • Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy

      • Unlimited server licenses


      Secure unlimited subdomains over multiple servers on a single Positive SSL Wildcard certificate, the most cost effective solution for securing all your subdomains. Save yourself the time of managing multiple SSL Certificates and streamline the process with a Positive SSL Wildcard Certificate that will secure all of your subdomains under a single manageable SSL certificate.

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